Digging with…Napoleon Wright II

You seem to be a sort of renaissance man, you “wear many hats” and seem to do a little bit of everything. You’re a designer, an illustrator and animator, a musician, b-boy, beat maker, event promoter, husband, and as of very recently a father. How do you find balance between all of your talents, passions and responsibilities? I tend to look at my skillsets as different … Continue reading Digging with…Napoleon Wright II


Achilifunk is a traveling mix of global sounds and infectious contemporary beats resulting in the area’s ONLY energetic tropical bass dance party. “The infectious and exotic beats that bump and funk in all the right ways. Achilifunk is not just a party, its a connection between Latin, Caribbean, and African influences. A new emerging beat, blending Tropical and Electronic sounds into a new rhythm that … Continue reading Achilifunk