Old North State- The Mixtape Challenge

The Rules-

  1. All artists/musicians featured on the mix should have/had roots in NC. The songs can be of any genre or a blend of genres and can be from any era.
  2. The length of the mix should be right around 30 minutes. It can be sent as an mp3 file via google drive to commonrootschef@gmail.com
  3. Submit a short bio (a couple sentences), a picture that features a scene from NC somewhere and the tracklist along with your mix.
  4. The winning mix will be based on the total number of heart icons you receive from the Oak City Soul Mixcloud page (https://www.mixcloud.com/oakcitysoul/).
  5. The submission period for your mix will begin Friday, May 15th and end at 5pm June 5th.
  6. Once all the submissions are posted to the mixcloud page, a date will be set a week after that so the hearts can be tallied up.
  7. The Loot!!- A chance to fix your drip with a $100 gift certificate to Edge of Urge/Unlikely Professionals