Digging With…Oak City Slums

I dig that you rep for the city and use Raleigh’s nickname as part of your stage name. Is there more of a story behind the name? Were you born here? If not, how long have you lived here? What are your thoughts on this city?

First and foremost no I am not originally from North Carolina, I was born in Oceanside California and lived in Temecula CA until I was 11, and briefly moved back for college, but spent most of my years alive in NC. When I travel or in some new environment and I meet people I say I am from North Carolina because I became who I am today here in Raleigh.

I think I first heard of you maybe around the time of one of Raleigh’s first Hopscotch events. How long have you been making beats? 

Going on 10 years but I have been playing music professionally since I was about 15 years of age.

Your setup is amazingly ridiculous.  What equipment are you using primarily? 

So much gear and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t have THEE set up. Inspired by a local friend Reed Benjamin aka Collapse, I don’t want my equipment dictating what I make or how I can’t perform or arrange music. A lot of synths, a lot of drum machines, alot of yes.

It’s been fun watching your IG videos during “Jamuary.”  I’ve noticed a couple of other local (Durham) producers like Treee City doing the same challenge. What’s Jamuary all about to you? 

Jamuary is about exercising your mind past those creative blocks. It doesn’t matter how well versed you are at any art, when you are demanded or you are demanding yourself to be consistently creative you are going to run into blocks and repetition and thats frustrating. The challenge is to also stay consistent regardless if the track is listen worthy or not. start it, be creative and finish it. My goal each day is to make people groove a little at some point during their day.

Analog or Digital?


Do you still collect vinyl? What type of music is your collection made up of primarily? How large is your collection would you say? Do you dig for samples to utilize in your sets? 

In todays age samples are everywhere. I sample from records, Youtube, Instagram etc. If it sounds dope I might just sample it. Popular or unpopular I will sample anything. I don’t have a large collection but I have records I listen to and records I bought just to sample. I usually cycle those back out to the universe when I’m done determining wether or not it is a record I want to keep or use. The records I keep are mostly Rock, weird indie records, punk and death metal 45s.

How would you describe your style of beats? How did you get into this style of music? 

I dont have a style. right now I am making slappers and house tracks. I dont like labels.

Raleigh doesn’t really have a home for this style of electronic music that I’m aware of. Where do you find inspiration? Who are you inspired by? 


Can I find any of your music on vinyl?

My old punk and metal bands have physical vinyl releases and I have a single on the Maison Fauna field guide 1.

What does the ideal Raleigh look like to you in the near future? Do you have any 2021 aspirations for Oak City Slums? 

Raleigh is perfect more music more parties more breathing and enjoying time with my family.

Be sure to check out Oak City Slums most recent release under the Jquell Roache moniker on the Durham label Maison Fauna…

You can also listen to more of his tracks here…