The “Digging With…” series is our chance to learn more about some of the finest selectors in the Oak City. Enjoy!

Digging with…Napoleon Wright II

You seem to be a sort of renaissance man, you “wear many hats” and seem to do a little bit of everything. You’re a designer, an illustrator and animator, a musician, b-boy, beat maker, event promoter, husband, and as of very recently a father. How do you find balance between all of your talents, passions… Continue reading Digging with…Napoleon Wright II

Digging With…DJ Castro

Are you from Raleigh? If not, how long have you lived here and what are your thoughts on the direction in which the city’s going? I was born In Washington D.C. but I have been in Raleigh forever! There are too many high price apartments being built and not enough being built for low income… Continue reading Digging With…DJ Castro

Digging with…DJ Rhymic

Founder of Oak City Soul. As a full time Chef I’ve proclaimed myself a “flavor finder”, the crafty blends specialist and forager of fine global flavors.

2021 marks my 25th year of digging in the crates and finding flavor as a DJ. Over the years I’ve gone by the pseudonym of Rhymic (Aka Rye Mick) as my DJ name which is a portmanteau of my first and last name with a twist on the spelling (Ryan McGuire).

I specialize in blending a wide array of genres and specialize in funk, jazz, soul, deep house, Latin-Afro rhythms, reggae & dancehall to name a few. Whether it’s a dish I’m serving up or a platter I’m dropping on a turntable it’s gonna have flavor. I’ve rocked decks from NY to SF to Toronto Canada to the Caribbean. I created the Common Roots Project to make connections with people through food and music. Check out that site here!