As a full time Chef I’ve proclaimed myself a “flavor finder”, the crafty blends specialist and forager of fine global flavors since ’96.

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2016 marked my 20th year of digging in the crates and #findingflavor as a DJ. Over the years I’ve gone by the pseudonym of Rhymic as my DJ name which is a portmanteau of my first and last name with a twist on the spelling (Ryan McGuire).

I specialize in blending a wide array of genres and specialize in funk, jazz, soul, deep house, Latin-Afro rhythms, reggae & dancehall to name a few. Whether it’s a dish I’m serving up or a platter I’m dropping on a turntable it’s gonna have flavor. I’ve rocked decks from NY to SF to Toronto Canada to the Caribbean. I created the Common Roots Project to make connections with people through food and music. Check out that site here!